It's ME!!

standing 4th from the left is me..

sekadar mengisi masa lapang..
huhu..baru perasan yg mukaku juga terpampang di dada akhbar.bhaha..
teruk gile posing..sume sebab abg cameraman tuh yg suroh..huhu..

*smoge nama Islam tidak lagi dipandang rendah masyarakat..insyaAllah..


D 9th IIU Inter-school Debating Championship 2010!

bismillah walhamdulillah.
huh.don't know where to start.

an unforgetable experience tht i would never be able to forget!tht's all i could say bout this tournament.
let's see what happened there.
first of all i came as an OBSERVER.maknenye dtg tgk je.tak main langsung.but alhamdulillah english ada 75 teams je.so dorg nk lagi satu team utk genapkan jadi 76 teams.so i volunteered to be in the SWING team.huhu.this is an experience where not everybody can experience it.not even the best debaters in the world.bhaha.
nak cerita siket.time brother latif tanye who wants to b in the swing team pls come down(masa ni dlm auditorium).i came down to him n guess what??!! my legs where shaking like ur car enginevibrating!!i'm not kidding.i was sosososo nervous n i dont know why.haha.seram gile.then i met my team mate for the swing team.Leticia from SMK Bkt Jelutong n Sakinah from Maktab Mahmud.n here's how our journey goes.

first rd.SWING vs Royal Military College.
motion:THW introduce sex-education in Malaysia.
unfortunately we lost.
i think i was so nervous during this debate.

2nd rd.Maktab Mahmud vs SWING
motion:THW allow prisoners to vote.
we won.
but it was quite a hard debate coz my team mate,Sakinah from Maktab Mahmud has to go against her own school.yeah.u can imagine how hard tht was for her.haha.
from left.me,Leticia n Sakinah.(swing team)

3rd rd.MRSM Kuala Berang vs SWING
motion:THW allow host countries of international sports events to introduce a sport of their choice.
we won.
i think i did great in this debate.n i'm satisfied with it.

4th rd.HUMOR round.SMK Taman Melawati vs SWING
motion:THBT a woman needs a man as much as a fish needs a bicycle.
we LOST.
owh!i really hate this debate.it really sucks!we got the motion wrong.haha.
tp ade gak yg best!time 3rd spker tmn melawati kasi POI de tk berdiri.de duduk n ckp "POI sir".pas2 i said sit down.de ckp"i'm sitting down".then i said,"next time pls stand up"huhu.bg yg tk phm tkpyh phm.:)

5th rd.SRI Ayesha vs SWING
motion:THW introduce sin tax for tabloid newspapers.
we won.
this is a revenge debate.haha.coz during musleh debate last yr,sri ayesha won against SMIH A n SMIH B n they won d final.actually its the worst debate for me.i didn't perform as good as d previous debates.huhu.n i cant belive tht we won.but trust me,ayesha in musleh is a different team from ayesha in IIU.they'r still d same person but a totally different team.hu.

6th rd.(silent debate).SWING vs SRI Permata
motion:THBT overweight airline passengers should be made to pay a weight surcharge.
we lost.
we lost bcoz d judge said tht its illogical to change all the seats in d plane.(our proposal:we want to change a row of seats in the plane.nk tuka seat yg lebih besar for o/weight ppl)but unfortunately we didn't stress on tht n d judge get it wrong.

total 3 lost n 3 wins.for a swing team,a team which is formed on d day of d competition,without any trainings,without anything,it is a great achievement.overall ranking kite no. 43 out of 76.hu.not bad r for swing team.

so,memang best gile dpt gi IDC ni.congrats to debater bahasa arab sebab jadi champion.congrats to top ten best speakers bahasa arab n english.

lagi satu!!kat sane i met ramai org yg muke or gaya sama.haha.
1.seilam n don(judge). 2.ade sorg bdk RMC mcm ust kasmuri 3.ade sorg mcm bpk huzaifah 4.adibah(amin gombak) n syaima' 5.sorg bdk SMAP kajang mcm liyana zakaria
n ramai lagi.lupe r.ari tu ade lebih kurang 8 org gitu yg muke same.tp tk igt.

finally,thx n thx n thx to:
1.u.hawanis,u.kamaliah. 2.to english debaters 3.all other debaters. 4.my team mates.Leticia n Sakinah.(eventhough they won't ever...and ever read this) 5.alumni2 yg memberi support. 6.thx everybody.

there's one really important thing tht i learnt from this tournament-friendship.i'v made many friends there.n d only way to make lots of friends is tht,buat muke tembok n salam org lain.pas2 bebual dgn dorg.haha.best gile.

friendship.pancing nk dakwah.haha.like real.

sekadar ini je yg mampu dikongsi.harap maaf atas segala kesilapan.salam.

oh lupe!i love this quote-i can see your points but i still think you'r full of SH**.
blame hadi for wearing tht shirt:)


UIA,here I come!!

lama jugak tk update blog nih.i'm too busy nowadays.everyday balik kol 6 lebih n sampai rumah kol 7 or 7 lebih.hari ni sampai rumah kol 7.20.tp tgk blog ni cam dh lama sgt tk diupdate so nk update la.hu.

actually aritu nk cerita pasal daurah tp tk sempat.so mls la nk cerita.
skrg ni nk cerita pasal IIU Interschool Debating Championship.hu..iiu tu uia la in english.
kalo tahun lps first2 dpt gi.tp lg bpe ari nk competition tuka team n tk dpt gi.memang agak emotional sket r time tuh.sket je.
this yr,first2 tk dapat gi.dh agak dah memang tk dpt gi nye sebab de hantar satu team je.thun ni uia tk kasi hantar 2 team sebab ade category bhse arab.so each school can only send one team only for each category.
tp last2 dpt gi gak tp as an observer.kira tk dpt jadi debater jd reserve pon ok la.tp tk dpt jd reserve jd observer pon ok la..better than not going.hu.
dh tu je yg boleh diceritakan.lom kemas baju nih..nnti balik dari uia sambung cter.

till here.salam.