:-) Happy In Sad )-:

salaam to fellow readers..

firstly congratulations to malay debaters from tm A n english debaters from team B 4 ur success in IIU debating championship..thx 4 bringing RM5000 back to school..all ur efforts has been paid off!!

yesterday went to celebrate the return of d debaters from iiu..i don't noe y i'm there..played kompang for them..there's a little bit of prize presentation 4 d debaters n teachers + alumni who coached them...the trophies were nicely arranged on a table and shining brightly(maybe)..phewh..then there was recitation of doa by sumbdy..sorry tht i dont noe him...juz dont noe y i'm there to celebrate them when i'm the one who is supposed to b celebrated..hehe..
then they took pictures together..after tht they were invited to eat at the canteen..

it really hurts to see them getting all tht..recieving prizes,tooking pics 2gether,the trophies on the table,even the check replica really hurts..hahaha..
on mouth i said i should b there..pointing at those who were taking their prizes..but deep in my heart it says tht next year i'm going 2 b better than them...not only winning the trophies but also recieving d best debater award..insyaAllah..

cant deny tht it hurts,but i hve to be happy for what they hve achieved for i was part from them..

*2 kak Amnah n Tasnim..remember who waved at u b4 u went to iiu..tht's y both of u r in d finals!!haha..joking..

-the end-



may our ukhuwwah long last..

thx 2 pie's father 4 preparing everything...n also his mum..


BBQ at Mak Long Corner..hahaha..

me n zul..

butter prawns..yumyum~




imagine schooling 4 7 days a week!!imagine goin back every day at 6.30 except 4 sat n sun at 5!!attending school when everybody is sleeping soundly at home!!i came almost every session so tht i could achieve wat i want...i'v imagine being there..i push myself 2 b confident,to b a better person..i'v targeted to b in d top 50 debaters..to b in d semi...i spent hours on my research..i spent hours to read d papers..i spent days sleeping at school to improve myself..nvr mind if i'm tired..even if i'm made a fool or i'm tortured its still ok!!
most of all d sacrifice tht my parents did was so..so...so.. huge tht i couldn't bare to b respnsible 4 it...
but all d sacrifices,hope n dream is now broken into pieces!!after all d hardtimes i went through,i saw my hope was so near..but now its sooo far from me..attending it every day,absent for less than 4 times..juz tht once tht i didn't come,i've been vanished..
it's not bout how much me or my parents have sacrificed..not bout there's still other tournaments coming up..but i'm juz 'terkilan' tht i wasn't given d chance to at least tell them wat i have...i'm not tht good..but its lyk u'r killing my spirits,my mood,my eagerness!!by doin tht...it's hard to pretend infront of the others...

i hope tht theres a super glue tht can join all the broken pieces back 2gether...n i believe tht no matter what i have to fight till d end coz i 100% beleive Allah will give rewards to those who work hard..insyaAllah..


_ihtifal 09_iltizam teguh kegemilangan utuh_

kejayaan diraih bersama...

keadaan dewan



paluan kompang...



bismillah..salaam alaik..

we have debate..n my patient has been tested..huhu..
not only me but also my frenz..we came at 8 a.m..actually i came at 7.25..
as been told,it is supposed to start at 8 a.m..but then the girls came at 9..
so we,d guys were a little bit mad n unhappy with that..a little bit of miscommunication.
but life must go on..we have our first debate 4 d day..d guys were in d same team..
motion quite difficult..so we debated bout nonsense..then we were condemned..
suddenly we felt really disturbed by d condemns bcoz of blablabla.. it was recess time..suppose 2 nter at 11.45 but we ntered at 12..hahaha..sengaja~ actually not 100% purposely la coz we finished eating at tht time.."lambat msk.." sumbody said..then huzaifah said "dtg kol 9 kan.."haha.. we got no mood at all 4 a debate at tht time..but juz continued coz we,the minority
side have no choice n we also wanted to show our full commitment..huhu~
d debate was again a nonsense..wateva..

then recess till 2.30..came in at 2.30 but theres only a few of them..again they were late..wateva their reasons r.. so juz sit outside d class...at 3 they gave us a motion..i'm relieved tht it is a quite
simple motion..so did better compared to the last 2 debates. at the end,all the feelings tht we felt has calmed down n we r not that mad anymore...alhamdulillah..
what i'v learnt from today's incident is tht we shld have better communication n
better time management as told...one more thing is tht we the guys also have feelings..not only d girls who have emotion..
we r d minorities n we noe tht we're not as gd as u r..we noe we r juz juniors..
but don't ever2 'abondone' us.. this is what we felt since saturday bfore the STF friendly.. hope tht it can be solved b4 it get worse n disturb our preparation..huhu~
sorry if theres any unsatisfaction..
-D N-



SMIH debaters 2009 boys


while the debaters were quarantined
last saturday smih debaters have friendly with stf debaters at stf..there's no winner coz it's juz a friendly..hopefully we can win the upcoming competitions n uphold Islam in our journey..insyaAllah...



sorry 4 d long unupdated blog..i've been quite bz since the past weeks..

saturday+in d morning went to school 4 smart v..really tiring..then at 2.30 went 4 debate training till 5..after asr prayers went 2 muhaimin's house...
at night we played badminton at 9.00-11p.m at sports complex in tmn u i think..d one with d swimming pool..then went back at 11 by foot!!it was really crazy..rocket launch far!!haha..then sleep..
sunday+went to play futsal with my friends at 8a.m but a little bit late coz we were lost..my team,zul,kimi,yaqin,nuar,harish,wan n min win our grp stage n lose at d semi to a team of d age of 18+..so its quite successful 4 us..then went back 2 min's house at 2p.m..after zohor prayers went back 2 school n arrived at 4..debate till 5.30..it was raining heavily tht time..went home at six..
monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday+went back at 6.30p.m...attend debate practice as d competition is juz round d corner..tired 2 death..slept at school on thursday bcoz my parents can't fetch me..today debate at 4.15-4.30..haha...coz i came late...really really really tired coz we had our KRS...but i got to punish d form 1s..haha..i taught tht i can came back early at 4.30..but i have my football training to attend..arrrgghh!!i taught of skipping it but i've skipped d last 2 training so i can't skip nymore...so went back at 6.40..arrived home at 7.10..after maghrib prayers on d computer to do research 4 debate..
tomorrow/saturday+have 2 come 2 school..have debate practice again in d morning..then we will be heading to sek tun fatimah 4 a friendly debate..only one team will be debating..so i'll be d observer 2morrow..phewh...

lots of work to do..after ihtifal 13/14 april mssd 4 football will start...then 24-29 i'm gone..then early may there'll b setare(trial 4 PMR)...it's just CRAZY!!!