second day
every group diberikan duit.lain grp lain amountnye..my grp got rm177.30.n every grp gak dpt location sndiri..my grp gi KOTA TINGGI..ade yg gi kluang,larkin bus station n mersingnye bus station...so kitorg sume ramai2 naik bas gi larkin dr skola..kat situ pandai2 beli tiket sndri n pergi ke destination yg de dh tetapkan...hu..

so my grp bersama-sama 2 lg grp bnt yg gi kota gak naik bas maju yg tiketnye berharga rm3 sbb student an..so dpt half price..i thought of taking a nap on d way there but bebual dgn abg fasilitator so xjd tido...as soon as we arrive at d kota tinggi bus station my grp sume dh smgt nk terus start dakwah...lagi2 ihsan..haha..tp kitorg dihalang oleh abg fasi..de kate plan dulu nk kumpul balik kol bpe..gedung dang dung dang..abes discuss kitorg pon berpecah 4.kitorg gerak in pairs..so ihsan and i we destined to be together..

as soon as we started we found two guys sitting at d bus station waiting for d bus..drpd dorg lepak2 baik kitorg bebual dgn dorg..so it was ihsan who made d approach..de ckp dgn abg tu..bang bas gi mersing yg mane bang..(padehal sblm tu baru je jumpe driver bas yg gi mersing tu)...pastu de pon ckp kitorg nak tnye2 sket..thn duduk bebual dgn 2 org abg tu..umur 18 tahun..dorg mmg supporting gile r...dh tnye2 kitorg pon pergi la cari org lain....

jumpe 2 org insan kat dlm shopping mall yg mmg panas sbb xde aircon.tp yg dua ni menyirap sket..bila tnye je de kate umm..haa yela...mcm tu la..pernah ak sumbang pape utk islam??gi masjid gtg-royong ke,sedekah ke...de jwb,haa ye la..mcm tu la..gi masjid...pergh..mmg mnyirap.

pastu kitorg duduk di bwh sebuah pondok n tunggu org lalu..patu ade budak2 yg umor dorg bwh 11 yrs old kitorg panggil..dorg tgh nk gi mancing..haha..patu tnye dorg ape perasaan tgk keadaan di palestine..pastu ade sorg jwb bile besar nnti nk jd askar nak tolong palestine...n i was like..wow!!alhamdulillah...bgs2..hu.terperanjat sikit.hu..

dah habes interview sume org kitorg pon gi makan kat kedai nasi ayam yg sedap..satu pinggan RM5..mmg sdp r..tp memandangkan budget yg sikit kitorg tk beli air...mintak ais je..patu kluarkn air 100+ yg sape tah bawak..haha.pastu trus naik bus utk gi mersing..huu..bus tkde aircon n also seat de sempit..pastu hujan..haha.tp duduk sblh sorg pompan ni..almost half of d journey bebual dgn pompan ni..umur de 18 yrs old..nak tau ape yg dibualkan?tunggu next post ye..haha..ntah bile tah next post tu..so till here...salam lakum.
to be continued...



after missing last yr's mukhayyam,alhamdulillah i get to join this yr's..from 27th to 30th may.a moment i'll never forget.

first day.
just finished my mid-yr exams..last paper was sejarah n i think i did quite bad...hu..
we started with d sharing session with our alumnis..akh ihsan shahrin(studied in JAPAN),akh muaz(currently at uia but been to uk for a few yrs),akh zubayr(semakin kecik),akh talhah(yg dh tunang) n ade lg dua akhawat.basically they shared about their experience in the real world.

then ade LDK sikit.kitorg diberikan botol air yg dh dibocorkan n kene jln dr one end to d other kat padang.just as a simulation..thn gi dewan balik..dapat task.

kitorg kene buat proposal cmne nak berdakwah.dakwah kpd non-muslim,remaja n also dakwah kpd org ramai tntg palestine..dakwah kpd non-muslim n remaja ade 4 kump yg buat.dkwh palestine ade 5 kump yg buat(kalo tk slh la).pastu d grp with d best proposal kene buat presentation mlm tuh..kene buat lakonan r so tht org lain dpt phm..

dh buat proposal ptg tu kitorg pon mkn,rest,smbhyg n so on la.mlm tu smbg talk by pak cik Jamaluddin on PERCEPTION.mmg best r.dia deliver it in a simple way but very berkesan.superb r!pastu time to know which proposal selected.alhamdulillah my team's not selected.pastu tm lain kene buat lakonan..team banin yg last skali mmg pling klakar r..hu..best2!

kitorg kene pakai proposal yg selected tu untuk practical besk nye!!!!mmg dlm otak giler r nk gi dakwah kat remaja an.my team dpt task yg remaja nye..dlm otak dh pikir kalau kene blasah la org tk layan r..mcm2 r..bygkan kite ni yg belum cukup ilmu dorg suroh buat gitu an..tk gile plak an..hu.mmg susah r...thn d next day nak tknk kene buat gak..
to be continued...


what i'v been up to..

bismillah..ever since school reopens last week,i'v been very busy attending a few competitions..(actually i'v been busy for a long time already).so here are sum of d things tht i did..


first match against sek.dato jaafar..we drew..second match against english college..we won 1-0.we move to d next round...last 16..we went against Bandar Baru Uda..n we lost 3-1..due to d BAD condition of d 'field'...its no different with a paddy field...full of stagnent water which stop us from playing at our best...haha..you can see how bad d field is....
i played d second half of d match tht we lost..i let in one goal which is actually a foul..hu.
oreinteering(explore utm).

its sumthing like explorace where we hv to find a few checkpoints..given d clues we hv to find it using d compass..
my team came in third n we won d best team award coz we managed to finish the tasks given at every checkpoint..huhu..leader of my team-Al-Qassam.

than on friday till sun i went to d leadership camp at UTM.it was quite great..i get to hold a M16 machine gun!!huhu..not just hold but pulled d trigger twice..in my opinion its a nice weapon..hu.

n this sat n sun i'll be attending d Dorothy Cheung debate at NTU!!first debate outside malaysia n in my homeland...haha..n also first time i'm going as an adj not a debater..huhu.

till here.wassalam.




haha..i thought of uploading d novice pics tp cm dh terlmbt an so malas r..huhu
so now its holidaayyy!!!!huhu..

my holiday isn't really a holiday..from wed till sun got football training at school since d competition is on monday,d first day after school reopens..so tiring..

first day of holiday gi sgpore.haha.g tampines stadium coz nk jumpe bdk2 juned..dorg ade maulud kat ctu..so pegi la..ade rabbani,ade bdk2 juned men ANGKLONG..haha..sedap beb!!then jumpe la beberape org..after tht,at 7 dh gerak g tampines mall nak balik, terjumpe sorg makhluk ni plak..haha..bebual2 then i was forced to go back to d stadium coz de suruh i meet my other frens tht i haven't met..so layan je r..patah balik jln kaki g stadium..
dptla jumpe lebih ramai org..ade yg i have forgotten pon jumpe gak..i forgot them but they still remember me..huhu.sedih btull.sorry lor..nk wat cmne..

n today went jalan2..xde keje..haha..gi hospital khoo teck puat is it?or alexandra/alexandria...wat eva d name is..tk slh letak name simple.Sick People Hospital ke...kan sng..hu..lawa gak la hosp de..ceyh..actually wanna go town but then muhd hv to go home at 8 so tk smpt..gi dekat2 je r..haha..

so 2days of holiday dh habes..tinggal 2 days for me..confirm r x gi mane2 lg an..hu..sedih..
so for those who still hv holidays,pls pls pls enjoy your hols!!!!!nite.


National Novice Debating Championship

alhamdulillah i was selected to represent SMIH at d NNDC..it was a great experience n exposure.
basically it was a debate competition for newbies including university debaters tht hv no experience debating outside Malaysia.sumthing like tht..so lets see the journey of my team..team on d right side is d govt. n on d left is opp..

first match.
room 9
SM Islam Hidayah 2 vs Uni.Kebangsaan M'sia
THW Allow teachers to be romantically involved with students.

result:lost margin:very close

2nd match
THW Make compulsory voting

result:won margin:clear

we went against foreigners..one of them is from egypt n d other 2 i'm not sure..
but after d db8 they had a fight with d judge.huhu..they'r unsatisfied..they were shouting at each other n my team were stuck there in d middle..haha..

3rd match
room 17
Lendu 2(UiTM Malacca) vs SMIH 2
THW invade North Korea

result:won margin:clear

again they were unsatisfied with d result.they argue with d judge but its not as bad as d previous one..haha..
i had a conversation with one of their debaters n here's how it goes:
Him:aku masuk debate pon sebab KEJAR SORG POMPAN ni..de masuk debate so aku pon masuk r..haha..
me:yg mane satu??de pakai tudung eh??
him:haah.kitorg ade 3 team.de yg...(he explains)
kalo de bukak tudung..pergh mmg HOT r!!haha..astaghfirullah...

moral:masuk debate niat biar betul.hu.tp at least last part tu de istighfar gak.

4th match
room 19
THBT we should provide finance incentives for fathers to live with their child and his/her mother.

result:won margin:clear

we go against foreigners again..i think one of them is from nigeria n d other is from india..n imagine them speaking english..haha..but i think its still ok coz my alumni,Saiful Islam showed me a video of his debate against JAPANESE...n i cant stand a SINGLE word!!he told me tht they pronounced partner as PARTENO...crazy!!

last match
room 13
THW impose minimum wage in M'sia

result:lost margin:dont know coz it was a silent db8..

the worst debate!!we dont know anything bout it.sorry.

and so it ends there..we cant go to d next round..only 16/96 teams can go to d second round!!
and yeah of course it was dominated by d uni debaters..

oh yeah.SMIH 1 go against a composite team consist of 2 NUS debaters n 1 from Monash Uni. n they lost with a clear margin..its quite a gd xperience for them..haha.

d first nite we slept around 1.15 am..n i woke up at 3 bcoz of d stings from d mosquitoes..it itches a lot!!slept again n woke up again around 3.45am..slept again around 4a.m and at 5.30 i was up..i barely got a nice sleep tht nite n d next day i had 4 debates..its like debating in sleep..haha..

its a great2 debate tournament.i LOVE everything bout it except for d time management there coz it was HORRIBLE n also d people there coz there were like no bounderies there..huh..nasib baik dah dididik dgn agama..haha.

the trophy goes to HELP Uni. College n d runner up was Sunway Uni. College.
we went back at 11.30 pm n reach JB around 4am!!i reached school at 5 am. d next day holiday..haha..

on d first day me,danial n huzaifah met a guy from UiTM Dungun in a toilet.we had a short conversation like where r u from n so on..since it was maghrib i said to him:"lets pray".than he smiled..we went out of d toilet n he followed as though he's goin to pray together..but then we turned right n he turned left..haha..so conclusion,people out there ramai yg slumber tinggalkn sembahyang..ape nak jadi??we dont know..tp kalo kite nmpk kemungkaran,try to stop it..smoge dgn usaha yg sedikit dpt membantu..huhu...

so i guess tht's d end of my story..insyaAllah pictures coming up..but actually there's not a lot of pics coz i wasnt in d mood to take pics..haha..




Sport's Day 2011

(in response to :) at the chatbox)
finally d day tht i waited for so long has ended..its a long wait for sports day coz it was postponed twice..haha.alhamdulillah...

so nak cter gak la sket ape yg terjadi.
first things first KUNING first,HIJAU second,Merah third n BIRU fourth..haha..

so firstly perbarisan...memang berpeluh n relieved bile perbarisan dah habes...practice cm nk rak at last abes gak.hu..birunye theme MARCHING MUSLIM..haha.cm tkde kaitan pon dgn perbarisan kitorg..

next,LARI..msk 400m..kat sekolah lari ok je..nk bndingkan dgn danial byrnes yg dpt no.3 tu tk jauh mane pon..dlm 1 meter je..tp bile lari kat stadium jauh gile kene tinggal..mmg serious tkleh lari kat stadium..lari kol 11 lebih plak tu..panas azab..hu..
alhamdulillah lari bwh 13 dpt gak medal..mmg power r diorg..hu..tp kesian sebab ade yg muntah..

nak cter sket..time kat stadium tu tetibe rase sebak..tktau kenapa..tp tgk juniors lari dgn muke penat rase kesian..
sports day yg last ni rasenye yg paling bermakna..walaupon kalah tp rasa ukhuwwah yg sgt kuat..lg2 dgn bdk2 biru..rsenye tkde yg lebih pntg dr ukhuwwah..

thx to ustzh hidayati,ustzh juhanita yg byk 'waste' time kat kitorg..
thx kepada banat rumah biru yg sgt bersmgt n byk menang..
sori sbb banin tk byk mng..
thx to all blue house members..
again sorry for the lost.

*insyaAllah pictures coming up!




oh Allah,gv me some time to spare on my blog.i'v been longing to update it but haven't been given d chance.pls allow me to update it.ameen.

upcoming updates(insyaAllah):

memoirs 2010.
debate camp.



Sometimes you think tht you are smart..but you aren't...read this till d end:-

A contestant, Sally, on 'Who wants to be a Millionaire?' had reached the final plateau. If she answered the next question correctly, she would win $1,000,000. If she answered incorrectly, she would pocket only the $25,000 milestone money. And as she suspected the Million Dollar Question was no pushover.

It was, 'Which of the following species of birds does not build its own nest but instead lays its eggs in the nests of other birds?

Is it:
A) The condor

B) The buzzard

C) The cuckoo

D) The vulture

The woman was on the spot. She did not know the answer. She had used up her 50/50 Lifeline and her Ask the Audience Lifeline.

All that remained was her Phone-a-Friend Lifeline.

She hoped she would not have to use it because....Well, her friend was, well, a blonde. But she had no alternative.

She called her friend and gave her the question and the four choices. The blonde responded unhesitatingly: 'That's easy. The answer is C: the cuckoo.'

The contestant had to make a decision and make it fast... She considered employing a reverse strategy and giving any answer except the one that
her friend had given her. And considering her friend was a blonde that would seem to be the logical thing to do. But her friend had responded
with such confidence, such certitude, that the contestant could not help but be convinced.

Crossing her fingers, the contestant said, 'C: The cuckoo.'

'Is that your final answer?'

'Yes, that is my final answer.'

'That answer is absolutely correct! You are now a millionaire!'

Three days later, the contestant hosted a party for her family and friends, including the blonde who had helped her win the million dollars.

'Jeni, I just do not know how to thank you, ' said the contestant.

'How did you happen to know the right answer?'

'Oh, come on,' said the blonde 'Everybody knows that cuckoos don't build nests. They live in clocks.'

Sally fainted.


Youth Olympic Games

wanna share some pics of the 1st YOG.i went to watch table tennis,volleyball and also athletics in two diff days..it's great!inside Singapore Indoor Stadium

Singapore vs Great Britain

Singapore vs Tunisiaoutside..inside stadium station..
Singapore Indoor Stadium from outside..dalam toilet kat stadium station.haha.long Q for volleyball match..
Team Singapore..Inside Toa Payoh Sports Hall.
the atmosphere was great!!guys warming up..argentina vs cuba..
toilet...again...:)Bishan Stadium..ada masjid kat sblh de.Q for security check..
Men's javelin event.

tukang kasi air..ade lg satu meja kasi sponge.haha.d USA supporters yg memekak.happy nye mad..hu.3000m run..bare footed!!germany supporters.

german athlete..he's in d senior category.so he didn't participate in YOG.mad n shanice craft.gold medalist women's disc.

it's difficult to understand wat's he talking bout.haha.russian athlete with me..the cabs with YOG plate on it.

serious talking.i tried uploading these pics bout a week after i went to watch YOG.but then there's sum probs tht really irritates me n tht resulted the late post.haha..