haha..i thought of uploading d novice pics tp cm dh terlmbt an so malas r..huhu
so now its holidaayyy!!!!huhu..

my holiday isn't really a holiday..from wed till sun got football training at school since d competition is on monday,d first day after school reopens..so tiring..

first day of holiday gi sgpore.haha.g tampines stadium coz nk jumpe bdk2 juned..dorg ade maulud kat ctu..so pegi la..ade rabbani,ade bdk2 juned men ANGKLONG..haha..sedap beb!!then jumpe la beberape org..after tht,at 7 dh gerak g tampines mall nak balik, terjumpe sorg makhluk ni plak..haha..bebual2 then i was forced to go back to d stadium coz de suruh i meet my other frens tht i haven't met..so layan je r..patah balik jln kaki g stadium..
dptla jumpe lebih ramai org..ade yg i have forgotten pon jumpe gak..i forgot them but they still remember me..huhu.sedih btull.sorry lor..nk wat cmne..

n today went jalan2..xde keje..haha..gi hospital khoo teck puat is it?or alexandra/alexandria...wat eva d name is..tk slh letak name simple.Sick People Hospital ke...kan sng..hu..lawa gak la hosp de..ceyh..actually wanna go town but then muhd hv to go home at 8 so tk smpt..gi dekat2 je r..haha..

so 2days of holiday dh habes..tinggal 2 days for me..confirm r x gi mane2 lg an..hu..sedih..
so for those who still hv holidays,pls pls pls enjoy your hols!!!!!nite.

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