salaam..finally i'v got d pictures of db8..here r sum tht i would like to share..haha..

Amin n me..

First unexpected match

sorry i'm sneezing..haha..

after final..

Final bahasa arab..
Junied vs SMI Hidayah A

tgh discuss di tepi tangga..tmpt strategic..haha..

bahasa arab team B

Anas da panas..tepakse keluarkn bju..pak guard tu tgk je..hehe..

ilham sorg je sesat..tkpe la..de kan juara..heh..


Musleh Debate..unforgetable xperience..

salaam alaikum minnii..

see anything wrong in this pic?

i'm thinking of a way to start this post..

ok..since everyone has been asking so i juz answer..my team lost in d semi-final n d other team lost in d quarters..we lost to d same team n on d same side-OPPOSITION.semi-final was a confused db8 4 me but not 4 d judges..ok juz briefly bout our matches..i'm d reserve 4 SMIH B..

preliminary rd..
1st match-SMIH A vs SMIH B(base on cabutan undi)-we lost
2nd match-SMIH B vs SMI Al-Amin,Bangi-win
3rd match-SMIH B vs SMI Aman,K.Bharu-win
4th match-SMIH B vs SMIH A-win
SMIH B vs SMI Al-Amin Kemaman-win
Sri Ayesha vs SMIH B-lost

this is where the motion stands n our tears fall..yeah my tears fall in my heart..bcoz its d first time i xperienced a huge lost..haha..

basically we didn't lost on a big margin..here r sum things tht i wanna say to my debate frens,

my team,
kak fahna-thx for accepting unxperienced db8er like me,thx for understanding me n being able to catch up with me,thx 4 hearing to my confusing points,n also thx for d xperience..i learnt a lot from u..may Allah bless u..
kak athirah-u made me nervous everytime u db8..but in d end u made me proud especially for being d best spkr..haha..thx for making me feel tht i'm not a useless reserve..:)
kak zatil-thx for sharing ur knowledge with me,thx 4 understanding my points,thx 4 xplaining to me all those things tht i don't understand,thx for being my teammate tht don't look down on me,i hve a lot to say but i cant remmeber..hehe..
Qarirah-stop gossiping bout d junied students' songkok!!haha..
Dalilah-thx 4 everything,n sorry for everything..
huz-thx for being immature..thx for waking me up in d morning for subuh..thx for d wrestling n all d laughters..maybe next time we can record d moonwalk again..haha..
Daeng-don't b too crious..stop playing tht DS dude..haha..

to all db8ers i'm sorry for d wrongs tht i'v done..my teammates..thx for being a wonderful teammate..i'v learnt a lot from u guys,thx for d chemistry,thx for bringing me to d semis..i'll miss every single moment of our debate here..

thx to all teachers 4 ur sacrifices,thx to our coaches,thx to my fellow frens from bm n ba debate,thx to d other school participants especially junied..haha..for d last night's talk infront of room 1007..haha..thx to kak wani..n to everybody who r involve..
with tht i back to propose..


Port Dickson

so 2morrow i'm heading to KL for MUSLEH debate..i'm gonna b there for 4 days till sun..n i'm not updating my blog till then..so i would like to leave my blog with these pics..enjoy..haha..


posting 4 d sake of posting

salaam alaik..
so..today,i mean juz now we hve db8 training..its great..i luv tht spunk kid..hehe..training to b continued on sat n sun..so sad tht i can't come coz i hve to go to PD with my family..hope tht i'm not going to b eliminated from d db8 team for being absent..i can't avoid dis..i hve to put my family first..may Allah bless me..i'm xcited to go to dis db8 coz there's my old frens from my homeland also participating in dis comp.so,ustzh,pls give me d chance..haha..
2morrow i'm goin to port dickson to hve my hols..hehe..coz during d skool hols my father have to work..i think tht i'm gonna luv this hol..n tht's y i can't attend db8..so i'm nt gonna b around till sun insyaAllah..

along pegi west coast,
ana sbnrnye tkde bende nk post.

sekian,wassalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh..sehingge we jumpe again..


Sweet memories...

Mukhayyam sec. 3_26-28 Jun 2009...Kem Kaizen,Pontian