saat kenangan diukir bersama..

peace b upon u readers..
i,v juz came back from camping yesterday..n really tired..i juz wanna share my story..here's how it goes..

smpi kem kaizen_set-up khemah..ssh..sbb kitorg kene pkir camne nk susun 14 khemah dlm 1 area yg agk kecik supaya nmpk yg kite ni sbg satu masyarakat kg..haha..lps discuz bpe kali bru la jd.n pd saat inila baru ana tau yg sarjan ni walaupun dlm mukhayyam sebegini die tetap ade kuase..tp ana tk gunekn kuase tu poonn...
mlm_ade owling..kire nightwalk r..ketua kump je yg bukak mate..yg lain sume pki blindfold..de nnti jln dlm satu kump smbil berpegangan..sume ikut mne ketua jln..ketua kene pekik mcm ni..kump 5!!hood!!hood!!p2 nnti ade org jwb..kump 5!hood!p2 kitorg dgr n pegi kat suare tu..jln kat dlm ladang kelapa sawit je..alhamdulillah..best gak jerit2 dlm utan,mlm2 plak tu..hehe..tp seram sket r..tkut nmpk bende je..hehe..

qiam_ngantok sbb mlm tdi tdo 1.30 p2 tk nyenyak plak tu..mcm2 mslh ketike nk tdo..hehe..mslh kwn tdo bedengkor dgn kuat dan juge mslh khemah yg agk kesempitan..hehe..tp tu sume mengajar ana utk besabar dan befikir utk menyelesaiknnye..
jungle-trekking_ffuuh!!penat woo..jauh gile..checkpoint 1 dekat,nk gi checkpoint dua jauh gile..dah jln 1 jam baru jumpe checkpoint 2..slamat checkpoint 3 dekat je..igtkn slamat tkde pnjt gunung..rupe2nye penat gak..walaupon jln straight tp penat sbb jauh..best gakla..sbb first time jungle trekking as a grp leader..hehe..
obstacle course_GEREK!obstacle de best gile sbb de mcm obstacle btul..ade jln atas tali n bwh tu ade air..kalo jatuh,alhamdulillah..hehe..pa2 ade lompat tembok,p2 ade monkey bar,p2 ade kene lari atas tayar yg floating..best!sume ni kalo tkleh buat mmg msk air r..pling ramai jatuh kat tempat yg kene balance tu..alaa de cam yg org main gymnastic p2 nntikn ade balance beam yg de jln2 p2 lompat2 tu..r cam tu r..kitorg kene jln kat ctu..tp de ssh sbb de tk rate..denye jln tu curve..ssh nk balance..ramai r yg jatuh n msk dlm air kat ctu..last skali kene crawl dlm lumpur..yg cam army tu..de ade dawai2 p2 kene crawl bwh dawai tu..pas2 de suruh amek lumpur n sapu kat muke..then baring n golek2 atas pasir..mmg kotor r..pas2 de pggil sume team one by one utk tejun mask dlm kolam!!mmg gerek r!!pas2 de bukak shower kat dlm kolam tu..kitorg pon blh main slide kat ctu..da cam swimming pool..cume air de colour brown r..air swimming pool tk cam tu..hehe..

mlm_mlm ni boring gile..kene sound dgn ustz anuar..p2 isya' de tnye spe imam..sume tk nk jd imam..slps beberape saat ade la sorg ni volunteer..p2 ust marah..da tau nk jdi imam tk nk kuar siang2 eh..tok imam turun 20..haha..utk pengetahuan umum tkde jadual imam yg dbuat..sume imam2 ni volunteer je..ok..da..p2 every team kene buat persembahan..sume tk ready sbb tjuk pesembahan de ust yg pilih..i mean pihak sekolah yg tentukn..my grp kene buat dkir barat dgn tema islam as a way of life..bygkn dikir barat in english..smpat plak nk prepare..so conclusion,hancur..da..mls nk cter sbb tu adelah saat boring..pas2 ust arahkn sume khemah yg dibawa dr rumah di robohkn..so sume khemah persendirian dirobohkn..dan kitorg tepakse la bersempit dlm khemah yg kecik.tp naseb bek la ari tu da kepenatan..walaupun smpit mcm mane pon tetap tdo nyenyak..alhamdulillah..

qiam..p2 buat PT..PT tu jogging..p2 robohkn khemah..ni la saat getir..haha..kump 5 sarung khemah due2 ilang..pas2 satu jumpe..lg satu ni tk jumpe..smpikn kes ini smpi ke pengetahuan ust anuar yg sedang hot dr mlm smlm..da la ana ni ketua kump 5..mmg seram r..sdg sibuk psl khemah ust dtg..de nmpk mass tin n kuali yg blkgnye itam melegam..ni knp masstin itam cam ni!!beliau menjerit..aku bingung hendak layan mestin atau khemah..spe ketua kump 5?beliau betanya..ku jwb ana!die ngamuk..ko blh buat bodo je eh..de slhkn ana sbb de da ckp tp ana tk amek sbrg tindakan..so saye terime la azab nye..turun 20..sdg pumping 20 kali de kate tmbh lg 30 atas sbb yg ana lupa..tp ana tk buat pon smpi 50 kali..smpi 25,26 je..sbb tgn nk pth beb..da r penat smlm lom ilang kan..sorry r ust..nnti ana tmbh lg 25 kat umah.skrg ni ana tk leh tmbh sbb ngantok..hehe..pas2 last2 jumpe blik sarung khemah yg ilang tdi.sarung de djumpai dgn sebuah khemah ddalmnye..kitorg kluakn kemah tu..tgk2 dlm kemah tu ade sarung lain..rupe2nye kemah tu termask ke dlm sarung kemah kump 5..

tht's all tht i can afford to type readers!!i'm damn sleepy rite now..so peace no war readers..gdnite..zzzZZZ...



mukhayyam,db8 n schoolworks..doing these things in juz a week..hectic is d best word to describe dis situation tht i'm going through rite now..

today, suppose to have db8 training..but i'm absent coz too tired n i'm having a fever..with d h1n1 scare its better to stay at home..hehe..there's training till late nite 4 d past 2 days..n i'm really tired coz i dont get enough sleep..hope all these sacrifices will bring gd to me n also islam..
mukhayyam sec 3 09...things to prepare,presentation to prepare,n presentation is based on d task tht have been given,we can't choose wat we want to present..n my grp got a hard task..n 2morrow is d last day to prepare..kind of crazy..

pray for us to have a gd mukhayyam n tht ust anuar will not blow off his top to us..
haha..ameen..salaam n peace~




today there's audition 4 deb8..i'm the judge..haha..am I qualified??wat do u think..haha..n suprisingly i'm d judge 4 MALAY deb8 audition..hah..kind of crazy..k..here how it goes..
came at 9+ when the briefing is quite done.heh.then they had d 1st rd-argument..my grp-only 3 person-irsyad,ihsan n aiman pau..
aiman-can't talk fluently..tht's d main prob..n many more probs..mls nk cter.
irsyad-quite ok but no confidence..tht's y he's not tht ok..hehe..
ihsan-at 1st he's not tht confident..but after a while he gained his confident n tht makes him outstanding from his other teammates..he loves to answer P.O.Is..but he needs to think
out of d box..he needs to improve on tht..

2nd rd-hot seat..i'm damn bored bout malay deb8..coz i dont really noe bout it..so i juz went to d english db8 audition..this db8 is more interesting coz there's more participant n its BOYS vs girls..haha..i missed d first pair..murshidah n aiman..
fathin vs ali..didn't watch it..
amalina n sayyed-sumthing wrong with sayyed maybe..he's quite confusing..maybe its his tactic..
amalina i don noe..can't hear her..
amirah vs aris-aris wrote a compasition..tht's wat a judge told me..hehe..
intan vs afiq-intan luvs to interfere without any permission..haha..afiq got mad at her..haha..
dini vs waiz-funny..dini talks really soft..even waiz can't hear her...n waiz was so funny..he said wat am i talking..haha..then he luvs to say ape tuh??..n i can't stop laughing..lol..

so tht's my comment 4 d audition..actually i'v known d results but can't tell..hehe..
2 those who succeed congrats..n 2 those who doesn't try again..actually those who don't succeed i think ur not as bad as wat u think..even i'm not tht good..haha..n its hard to choose bcoz we want quality not quantity..wat am i talking about..nvr mind..hope u understand..haha..peace~


searching for peace~

k..i'v seen my results..terrifying!!hehe..4get bout it..i'm too pressured bout exams..
so it's enough of it..haha..today is a better day than yesterday n also d day b4 yesterday..coz on wednesday i'v blow off my top to ustzh..hehe..sorry r zah..frust gile..n dis week i'v been tested so much especially on wednesday..

first,ustz lost my map..s'pore map..n she juz said "nk wat camne eh heyr??buat baru je r.."n i felt like...alhamdulillah..buat baru..it juz took me a MINUTE to draw d map zah..i don't have to buy d tracing paper..n i'v not wasted my time to draw d map zah..nvr mind..even if i was told to draw it HUNDRED times i would zah..in ur dream!!i felt really disappointed..:(
on monday she said"pilih ntara 2,hntr ari ni dgn ustz..hntr esk dgn ustz fauziah..kalo hntr kat ustz fauziah mrkh de jd lain sikit la..then i said"zah kalo ana nk print kat cni blh??ana bawa pndrive.."she said"xde org nk jage kom..xblh la..ustz bz.."then i said"zah ana tk dberi pilihan zah..ana nk print skrg tk blh..camne ana nk hntr hari ni..ana kire x dberi pilihan la.."hehe..sorry coz menjwb like tht..i juz can't keep it anymore..

next,when i went to bengkel kayu 4 KHB..i took my file..i opened it n...WOW!!xtravaganza!!marvellous!!only A piece of paper is all tht's left in my file!!
all my folio papers r gone including d orange paper n papers tht we hve to sign..
what's left is only my kos bahan tht yaqin borrowed..n..yeah..i feel 'HAPPY'..4get bout tht..
n now..i'm a bit happy coz my father juz bought a new laptop for my sis n later i can use her old laptop!!haha..xcited..

epel atas periuk dibelah,
saya nk bla..

haha..mepek gile..salaam..


its d end of holiday

rite..i'm back from my camp + xtra classes..the camp was quite ok for me..i kind of enjoy it.
during the xtra classes we got our exam papers..n i'm not satisfied with my marks at all..
maybe i'll have to try harder for d upcoming exam..k..juz 4get bout it..i hope my mum can accept it..haha..i dont think she will come to take my results on jalinan mesra..hehe..i'm quite confident bout tht...n i hope tht she won't stop me from participating in debate..hehe..

k..today is saturday..2morrow is sunday..d day after tomorrow is monday n school reopens..many things to do..kkg,ustzh lost my map n she said i'v to redo it..n i dont want to redo it..everything is too hectic rite now..i can't blieve tht i'v spent so much time to draw d map n now she asked me to redraw it..nvr mind..let's see how it goes..

let's get ready for school guys!!
no mood at all rite now..haha..dont feel like doing anything..hope u guys r not in d same situation as me..haha..peace~

p/s:kpd sesape yg terambil atau terjumpa peta kkg ana..peta singapore blh kasi blik pd ana..thx~



salam sejahtera..

k.smlm da start training db8..kitorg buat blablabla..tdi ade gak.besok ade gak..
besok ade kem thfz..so..tk blik smpi ari saturday..campur dgn xtra class skali..
hmm..cuti sepatutnya 16 hari..tp nmpk2nye ana cuti 7 hari je..mmg tk puas!
sedih..tkpe..nnti da abes pmr ana cuti puas2

chow..c U on saturday insyaAllah..


ok,this post is for SMIH's students who r interested in debate..
if u feel tht u like to debate just come for the audition..
there's nothing to be shy of..
come!let's join!!comela..comela..haha..

there'll be forms provided for u..juz sign up..
if u don't feel like putting ur names on the form then do tell me..
i'll include ur name later..
RM2 will b used to prepare food for participants on d audition day..
any problem see me or kak athirah..

akan diadakan juga audition untuk menyertai team debat BM..
pada hari yg sama..boleh isi name pada borang yg disediakan nanti..




peace b upon u readers..

dis monday da bukak sekolah..unofficially la..monday kakak nk gi KUIS..bye2..bestnye kakak tkde..haha..skrg ckp best r..nnti de da pegi baru saya tau rasanya..nnti lptop da belayar gak..si adek ku tecinte tu mulalah nk sebok pki kom..tkpe..
mslhnye monday ni ade debate training..tk tau kol bpe..de kate pg smpi tgh hari or ptg..ibaratnye saye ni tkde plan lain je..bg r exact time..sng saye nk berurusan..tkpe2..biar r..p2 kluarge saye nk betolak mlm esk..so kene pk2 sndiri..kalo tk gi nnti tk dpt gi competition plak..adooii..tk nk pekare lame berulang..haha..log book pon da berspider-web..haha..current issue??umm..nk buat third link..p2 spm nk limitkn subject..tu je..haha..biar r..
p2 tuesday ade training lg..insyaAllah dtg..
wednesday ade kem thfiz..smpi ari ape eh??saturday gaknye..hehe..surat lom kasi parents lg..huhu..mls r..p2 dlm kemthfiz tu clash dgn xtra class..xtra class smpi ari jumaat gaknye..ntah la..mls nk tau..haha..
p2 monday da bukak sekolah..officially..skjp gile holiday..boring..lps PMR nk cuti sepuas-puasnye..buat cuti ganti...haha..

tu je yg mahu dibebelkn..tkde bnde nk buat..so bebel la d blog yg indah permai nyaman damai best merepek ngarot bermanfaat ni..haha...maaf..ari ni saye agak 'ok' sket..saye pon tidak tahu mengapa..bahase pon ala2 jiwang..haha..da r..saye mahu bla..blablabla..salaamlakum readers....


i will keep this in my mind 4ever!!

ari ni baru rase cam nk becite psl mukhayyam p6 ari tu..haha..k..bce r kalo nk tau pe yg tejdi..yg bhg bawah best sket cter de..yg atas tmbhn je..
smpi2 je ujan lebat..bdk2 tgh angkat khemah tepkse redah je..p2 fasi2 gi pki raincoat..lari2 stop bwh satu pndok..sume bincang2 trus gerak gi campsite..p2 lame sket fasi gi tlg ust angkat beg dr bas sbb ujan kan..naik van gi angkat beg2..trus beg sume betrabor gile..file2 fasi pon da ghaib..cari r pelan2..p2 bdk2 tu kene buat gadget..nk pki tali..tu yg kecoh sume cari beg tk jumpe..yg bnt kump cik Q tu beg dorg da becmpur dgn beg aulad..p2 dorg buat gadget.spttnye
dirikn pgkln dulu..sbb ujan..

p2 dirikn pgkln..ujan da reda r..mase buat khemah mmg kecoh gile r..byk gile khemah rosak..so dorg tepkse rdho je r dgn ape yg ade..ana fasi urusetia relax je..tgk2 kn je..fasi kump yg kene tlg..tp last2 ana kene tlg gak..hmm..tkpe r..kesian kat dak2 tu..

p2 ptndgn kawad..fasi2 kene buat demo..aduii..layan je r..practice sket2 p2 buat demo..p2 starting tu ana wat salah sket r..alamak buat malu tol..sbb tk focus..so tk dgr ape arahan de kasi..sori la..p2 dak2 tu plak kene test..smbil2 tu fasi dirikn khemah..

p2 ade mesyuarat jap..psl ape tah..p2 ade ptndgn mmsk..fasi urusetia cam biase lepak..fasi kump pantau..walaupun lepak ana sbg seorg yg berkarisma unggul tlg tgk2 mereke gak..p2 tetibe ustzh kasi jmput2..kami pon amek dan ajak fasi kump yg lain mkn kejap smbil menikmati secawan milo..sedap uuu..bdk2 ni msk ntah pape yg jdi..yg bnt ok gak la..haha..

p2 kami pon mkn..dpt secebis cake secret receipt sbb bday ustz zurina..p2 mkn dpn bdk2..haha..p2 solat maghrib den ade tzkirh dr yaqin psl qudwah hasanah..p2 tunggu isyak lame lg..kitorg pon ape lg..dende la..first2 nk tgur..kitorg mne blh dnde dorg(manja sey dak2 nih)..p2 si nabil da dende ana pon backup je r..than tgh kene dende tu dorg blh main2 lg..siap menganjing..kami pon hot gile..p2 fasi kump(fk)gi meeting..p2 ana plak smbg sbb dlm klgn fasi urusetia(fu)ana pling garang..ahaha..marah dorg..kluar ayt2 alim gile punye jiwang..haha..xyah tau r ayt de..den solat isya..p2 nitewalk..jln sorg2..wooo..best gile..nite walk de lain sket..tk jln..tp de kene duduk sorg2 dlm bpe minit..1st fasi msk bepsgn..p2 msk dlm ust kate sorg duduk cni..sume tk lyn..p2 ana tgk blkg tmpt nabil da duduk..tgk cam xjauh..ok r..duduk r cni sorg2..da duduk tetibe anas de pon duduk seblh..mayb de x dgr ust ckp sorg2.papepon slamat..haha..kesah nitewalk pnjg gile..nk pndekkn bak kate ust mad noh FAIL..sbb aulad ade yg bebual,pegi beralih tmpt,mencarut n menyanyi..fasi2 n ust ustz sume marah gile..bile kluar dorg kene marah gile2..igtkn pas2 fasi plak nk mrh dorg skali xsmpt..mucid nk mrh mlm tu gak sbb de kate tgh mrh..haha..tp tgguh besk je la..
qiam bpe fasi je bgn..songeh gile.xpe..trus ana sbg fasi yg baik suruh nabil ckp dgn bdk2 tu solat atas rumput..aulad je r..p2 dorg pon qiam atas rumput..tujuan spaya mereke xngantok.bgskn dende yg ana buat..haha.(budget).p2 dorg ade jungle trekking..ana n FU yg lain jge cpoint last..yg men kayak..gerek gile..sblm tu fasi turunkn canoe msk dlm air..berat gile..p2 fasi bnt main canoe..fasi bnn ade r ctrl tk nk bsh..last2 basah gak..kitorg sume last2 msk skali dlm air dgn boya itam tu..sbb boring..lame gile tunggu bdk2 tu tk smpi2 cpoint ni..so kitorg smbil tunggu smbil main r..p2 da boring kluar..tdo jap..da kering,bgn dorg tk smpi lg..p2 mkn..da halfway mkn bru dorg smpi..tu r pling best.time dorg naik cnoe fasi2 sume jge dorg kat dlm kolam tu..p2 kitorg main passing2 canoe..haha..p2 ade petndgn PC..fasi dbnrkn rehat..dan itulah kali petame dan terakhir fasi2 bnn dpt mandi..haha..best..p2 lps asar lthan pesembhn..fasi2 sume cari bahan utk pesmbahan kitorg..idea de mmg best r!hehe..

malam persembahan..bdk2 tu nye pesmbhn ok je..biase r bdk2..mesti ade slh2..haha..yg pntg fasinye psmbhn..huh..criously..tk prepare pape..sbb exam kn..p2 ptg tu bru discuss nk wat pe..kami pon bstuju utk ciplak lkonn xgen..lakonan yg mse pentomen merdeka time 2007 tu..yg ade abg zubayr de tnye2 org ape tu mksd merdeka??p2 de jumpe dgn shuffler,dgn mamat2 kopi angguk kat kedai kopi p2 last2 de rmpit mati..yg tu..klakar gile kitorg buat..bdk2 tu ketawe cam nk tekencing..haha..mursyid pon dpt gelaran mase buat pesmbahan..astaghfirullah..haha..

den lps mkn mlm fasi2 sume pggl aulad bkumpul kat pdg 2..p2 kitorg bebel kat diorg..ana r pling byk ckp..xtau knp tetibe byk gile bnde yg nk dckpkn..ayt2 jiwang sume kluar..haha..tp atas nasihat bnt kitorg tk dende r..dende pon sket je..stakat buat kekuda sparuh tiang..p2 bebel best gile..dpt release stress time exam aritu..haha..smpi palestine sume kluar..tk blh bla nye alim ayt de..p2 kitorg ajar dorg tepok krs..bdk2 ni laju gak blja..bgs2..p2 tnye nk tdo ke tk??sume kate tknk..haha..kami pon buat la program mlm terakhir besame fasi..time tu rase ukhuwwah rapat gile dgn dorg..best r..p2 kol 12.30 dorg tdo..fasi buat unggun api n tdo kat pdg tu..best gile..lenyak tk leh diceritekn..haha..penat sgt gaknye..sblm tu kitorg ade mesyuarat sket utk selesaikn mslh..ade r mslh de..ntara kami2 ni..haha..p2 tdo..

penutup..kump uhud mnang..p2 fasi dberi cenderemate berbentuk tuala..haha..klaka gile..mcm nk sindir kitorg suruh mndi je..tau la kitorg mandi skali je kn..haha..p2 da abes kitorg gi amek gmbr..than blik..smpi sek kemas khemah..ni pling pnt..spttnye fk yg gi tlg..tp si anas dgn sop gi bla..p2 ana tpkse tlg dak2 tu..penat gile handle due kump..nseb bek ade mucid..haha..