after missing last yr's mukhayyam,alhamdulillah i get to join this yr's..from 27th to 30th may.a moment i'll never forget.

first day.
just finished my mid-yr exams..last paper was sejarah n i think i did quite bad...hu..
we started with d sharing session with our alumnis..akh ihsan shahrin(studied in JAPAN),akh muaz(currently at uia but been to uk for a few yrs),akh zubayr(semakin kecik),akh talhah(yg dh tunang) n ade lg dua akhawat.basically they shared about their experience in the real world.

then ade LDK sikit.kitorg diberikan botol air yg dh dibocorkan n kene jln dr one end to d other kat padang.just as a simulation..thn gi dewan balik..dapat task.

kitorg kene buat proposal cmne nak berdakwah.dakwah kpd non-muslim,remaja n also dakwah kpd org ramai tntg palestine..dakwah kpd non-muslim n remaja ade 4 kump yg buat.dkwh palestine ade 5 kump yg buat(kalo tk slh la).pastu d grp with d best proposal kene buat presentation mlm tuh..kene buat lakonan r so tht org lain dpt phm..

dh buat proposal ptg tu kitorg pon mkn,rest,smbhyg n so on la.mlm tu smbg talk by pak cik Jamaluddin on PERCEPTION.mmg best r.dia deliver it in a simple way but very berkesan.superb r!pastu time to know which proposal selected.alhamdulillah my team's not selected.pastu tm lain kene buat lakonan..team banin yg last skali mmg pling klakar r..hu..best2!

kitorg kene pakai proposal yg selected tu untuk practical besk nye!!!!mmg dlm otak giler r nk gi dakwah kat remaja an.my team dpt task yg remaja nye..dlm otak dh pikir kalau kene blasah la org tk layan r..mcm2 r..bygkan kite ni yg belum cukup ilmu dorg suroh buat gitu an..tk gile plak an..hu.mmg susah r...thn d next day nak tknk kene buat gak..
to be continued...