National Novice Debating Championship

alhamdulillah i was selected to represent SMIH at d NNDC..it was a great experience n exposure.
basically it was a debate competition for newbies including university debaters tht hv no experience debating outside Malaysia.sumthing like tht..so lets see the journey of my team..team on d right side is d govt. n on d left is opp..

first match.
room 9
SM Islam Hidayah 2 vs Uni.Kebangsaan M'sia
THW Allow teachers to be romantically involved with students.

result:lost margin:very close

2nd match
THW Make compulsory voting

result:won margin:clear

we went against foreigners..one of them is from egypt n d other 2 i'm not sure..
but after d db8 they had a fight with d judge.huhu..they'r unsatisfied..they were shouting at each other n my team were stuck there in d middle..haha..

3rd match
room 17
Lendu 2(UiTM Malacca) vs SMIH 2
THW invade North Korea

result:won margin:clear

again they were unsatisfied with d result.they argue with d judge but its not as bad as d previous one..haha..
i had a conversation with one of their debaters n here's how it goes:
Him:aku masuk debate pon sebab KEJAR SORG POMPAN ni..de masuk debate so aku pon masuk r..haha..
me:yg mane satu??de pakai tudung eh??
him:haah.kitorg ade 3 team.de yg...(he explains)
kalo de bukak tudung..pergh mmg HOT r!!haha..astaghfirullah...

moral:masuk debate niat biar betul.hu.tp at least last part tu de istighfar gak.

4th match
room 19
THBT we should provide finance incentives for fathers to live with their child and his/her mother.

result:won margin:clear

we go against foreigners again..i think one of them is from nigeria n d other is from india..n imagine them speaking english..haha..but i think its still ok coz my alumni,Saiful Islam showed me a video of his debate against JAPANESE...n i cant stand a SINGLE word!!he told me tht they pronounced partner as PARTENO...crazy!!

last match
room 13
THW impose minimum wage in M'sia

result:lost margin:dont know coz it was a silent db8..

the worst debate!!we dont know anything bout it.sorry.

and so it ends there..we cant go to d next round..only 16/96 teams can go to d second round!!
and yeah of course it was dominated by d uni debaters..

oh yeah.SMIH 1 go against a composite team consist of 2 NUS debaters n 1 from Monash Uni. n they lost with a clear margin..its quite a gd xperience for them..haha.

d first nite we slept around 1.15 am..n i woke up at 3 bcoz of d stings from d mosquitoes..it itches a lot!!slept again n woke up again around 3.45am..slept again around 4a.m and at 5.30 i was up..i barely got a nice sleep tht nite n d next day i had 4 debates..its like debating in sleep..haha..

its a great2 debate tournament.i LOVE everything bout it except for d time management there coz it was HORRIBLE n also d people there coz there were like no bounderies there..huh..nasib baik dah dididik dgn agama..haha.

the trophy goes to HELP Uni. College n d runner up was Sunway Uni. College.
we went back at 11.30 pm n reach JB around 4am!!i reached school at 5 am. d next day holiday..haha..

on d first day me,danial n huzaifah met a guy from UiTM Dungun in a toilet.we had a short conversation like where r u from n so on..since it was maghrib i said to him:"lets pray".than he smiled..we went out of d toilet n he followed as though he's goin to pray together..but then we turned right n he turned left..haha..so conclusion,people out there ramai yg slumber tinggalkn sembahyang..ape nak jadi??we dont know..tp kalo kite nmpk kemungkaran,try to stop it..smoge dgn usaha yg sedikit dpt membantu..huhu...

so i guess tht's d end of my story..insyaAllah pictures coming up..but actually there's not a lot of pics coz i wasnt in d mood to take pics..haha..

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