what i'v been up to..

bismillah..ever since school reopens last week,i'v been very busy attending a few competitions..(actually i'v been busy for a long time already).so here are sum of d things tht i did..


first match against sek.dato jaafar..we drew..second match against english college..we won 1-0.we move to d next round...last 16..we went against Bandar Baru Uda..n we lost 3-1..due to d BAD condition of d 'field'...its no different with a paddy field...full of stagnent water which stop us from playing at our best...haha..you can see how bad d field is....
i played d second half of d match tht we lost..i let in one goal which is actually a foul..hu.
oreinteering(explore utm).

its sumthing like explorace where we hv to find a few checkpoints..given d clues we hv to find it using d compass..
my team came in third n we won d best team award coz we managed to finish the tasks given at every checkpoint..huhu..leader of my team-Al-Qassam.

than on friday till sun i went to d leadership camp at UTM.it was quite great..i get to hold a M16 machine gun!!huhu..not just hold but pulled d trigger twice..in my opinion its a nice weapon..hu.

n this sat n sun i'll be attending d Dorothy Cheung debate at NTU!!first debate outside malaysia n in my homeland...haha..n also first time i'm going as an adj not a debater..huhu.

till here.wassalam.

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.:thetruth:. said...

wooo tahniah la. HAHA